Pola Soal Report Text Opsi Ganda Dan Jawaban

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Pola Soal Report Text Opsi Ganda Dan Jawaban

a. In the morning

b. In the evening

c. In the afternoon

d. At dawn

Jawaban : B

22. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?

a. Jasmine is grown worldwide

b. Jasmine has various benefits

c. Jasmine can cause headache

d. There are some varieties of Jasmine

Jawaban : B

23. The underlined word in ” … it is often associated with …”, is closest in meaning to ….

a. Attached

b. Connected

c. Compared

d. Propagated

Jawaban : B

24. In planting Jasmine, the soil should be kept moist to make it ….

a. Go through the water easily

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b. Grow up to 6 inch in length

c. Produce optimum fragrance

d. Grow optimally

Jawaban : D

25. Question for number 25-29

Antibiotic is kind of compounds both natural and synthetic, which has function to press or stop a process of organism’s growth, particularly bacteria. Antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infections and used as a tool for genetic engineering in biotechnology. Antibiotic works as pesticides by pressing or break the chain of bacteria’s metabolism. Nevertheless, antibiotic is different with disinfectant in the process to kills bacteria. Disinfectant kills bacteria by creating an unnatural environment for germs to live.

In terms of treatment, antibiotics dubbed as “magic bullet “because antibiotic kills instantly without injuring its sufferers. Although antibiotic is good for medication, it is not effective in handling infection caused by viruses, fungi, or other nonbacterial. Antibiotic has diverse types based on their effectiveness against bacteria.

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There are antibiotics that target gram- negative or gram- positive bacteria and some antibiotic has wider spectrum. The effectiveness depends on location of the infection and the ability of antibiotic to reach location of the infection. Based on how to use, antibiotics are divided into two that are oral antibiotics and antibiotic intradermal. An oral antibiotic is used by mouth while antibiotic intradermal used through anus. Intradermal antibiotic is used for serious cases.

What is the best tittle for the text above?

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