Teladan Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Opsi Ganda Dan Tanggapan

Teladan Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Opsi Ganda Dan Tanggapan

Contoh Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Pilihan Ganda dan Jawaban – Past future perfect tense merupakan sebuah bentuk kata kerja untuk membahas aktivitas yang tidak terjadi, mungkin terjadi, atau bahu-membahu dapat dikerjakan tetapi tidak sukses dilakukan di periode lampau.

Tense bahasa Inggris jenis ini bisa dipakai untuk membuktikan suatu agresi yang diperkirakan akan sudah simpulan pada sebuah waktu di kurun lampau. Pada perkara ini, would have adalah bentuk past dari future perfect tense. Selain itu, tense jenis ini juga digunakan untuk membahas sesuatu hal yang mustahil terjadi.

Rumus :

S + would/should + have + past participle

Soal Past Future Perfect Tense

1 – 10 Contoh Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Pilihan Ganda dan Jawaban

1. If Paul had slept earlier, he …..late

a. Would haven’t gotten up

b. Wouldn’t have gotten up

c. Shouldn’t have gotten up

d. Won’t have gotten up

Jawaban : B

2. She …. a queen, unfortunately she died due to a disease.

a. Would have be

b. Would have

c. Would have been

d. Would be

Jawaban : C

3. ….. helped me if I had asked her?

a. Would Cindy have

b. Should have Cindy

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c. Would have Cindy

d. Will Cindy have

Jawaban : A

4. I would …a rich man, if my company had won the tender.

a. Have

b. Have be

c. Have been

d. Had been

Jawaban : C

5. They ….. the examination if they had studied harder before

a. Wouldn’t has failed

b. Won’t have failed

c. Wouldn’t have failed

d. Shan’t have failed

Jawaban : C

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6. Susi would have …a delicious chicken if the gas of her stove had not run out.

a. Cooked

b. Be cooking

c. Been cook

d. Cook

Jawaban : A

7. I phoned at five o’clock since I know you would have …home by then.

a. Get

b. Getting

c. Gotten

d. Got

Jawaban : D

8. If my father had given me much money, I … a gift for my girlfriend

a. Should have buy

b. Would have bought

c. Would has bought

d. Will have bought

Jawaban : B

9. My father … very upset if he had saw me out of class.

a. Will have be

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b. Would have

c. Would have be

d. Would have been

Jawaban : D

10. Rico …… to the party alone, if he had let me go with him

a. Would haven’t come

b. Would have came

c. Would have coming

d. Wouldn’t have come

Jawaban : D

11 – 20 Soal Past Future Perfect Tense Pilihan Ganda dan Jawaban

11. I thought you …by the time I arrived.

a. Would have be slept

b. Would have slept

c. Would be slept

d. Would have been slept

Jawaban : B

12. If he had wanted to sell that house, I ….it from him

a. Would have buy

b. Would have buying

c. Would have bought

d. Will have bought

Jawaban : C

13. Before taking a leave of absence yesterday, he would completed his work for the client. He would …it two days ago.

a. Have submitted

b. To submitted

c. Have be submitted

d. Have been submitted

Jawaban : A

14. If you had had much money, ….. to be your girlfriend?

a. Would has she wanted

b. Should have she wanted

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c. Would she have want

d. Would she have wanted

Jawaban : D

15. He would …. passed the examination If She had learned hard.

a. Been

b. Had

c. Be

d. Have

Jawaban : D

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16. If they had come earlier, I …..the house

a. Would haven’t left

b. Wouldn’t have left

c. Should haven’t left

d. Would have leave

Jawaban : B

17. We …… arrived on time If we walked faster.

a. Have

b. Had

c. Would have

d. Would had

Jawaban : C

18. We would have ….in that company if we had passed the interview test before

a. Working

b. Work

c. Worked

d. Works

Jawaban : C

19. I …… that thief last night, but he could wriggle out from me.

a. Would have be caught

b. Would have caught

c. Will have caught

d. Will caught

Jawaban : B

20. She …. a car from her brother, if she had needed it

a. Would has borrowed

b. Would have borrowed

c. Should have borrowed

d. Should has borrowed

Jawaban : B