4 Ways Company Catalogues Can Boost Your Sales

4 Ways Company Catalogues Can Boost Your Sales

4 Ways Company Catalogues Can Boost Your Sales – Every business has one thing in common, they are all looking out to increase their sales. Whether it is a service providing business or a product manufacturing company, attracting new leads and keeping existing customers are the keys to success. A significant way of letting potential customers know what you are offering is through high-quality company catalogues.

There was a time when targeted businesses catalogues’ were at their peak. Customers could expect large stashes of freshly printed catalogues by their doorsteps each morning. With time and the advent of the digital era, the popularity of business catalogues as a marketing tool has faded a bit. However, statistics show that they can still be a formidable revenue generator if used wisely. Here are 4 ways company catalogues can increase your sales manifold.

Catalogue Design - Product Catalogues Designed To Boost Your Sales

The Statistics Speak for Themselves:

While statistics are not always the most trustworthy source of business research, they can reveal a lot from time to time. According to recent studies, 45% of all online customers feel stimulated to buy when they go through a catalogue. 80% of people who receive company catalogues go through them at least once.

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But perhaps the most staggering statistic is that 86% of all the online customers admit they have bought at least one product online after first finding it out in a catalogue. It goes to show just how a good catalogue can prime a customer’s mind about shopping. There are definitely biases that companies have been leveraging on for years. There is no reason to stop doing it, especially when the numbers seem to backup the practice.

Catalogues are Great at Keeping Existing Businesses:

As CRM professionals have proven, a business can double its turnover by retaining just 5% of its existing customers. Not only that, studies show that it is 5 times more difficult to sell to a new customer than it is to an existing customer. With both these facts in mind, catalogues are a great and easy way to reach out to your current customer base.

But most businesses spend most of their time trying to lure new buyers. While that may be imperative, but ignoring your current clientele is a huge mistake. Having a company catalogue reach their doorsteps is an extremely easy and cost-effective way to remind them about your products/services or let them know if you are offering something new. If they have done business with you in the past and have been satisfied, there are high chances that you will be making some sales pretty soon.

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Nicely Designed Catalogues Can Go a Long Way

A catalogue is a high-quality marketing tool. Hence, it should be designed with the utmost care and responsibility. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes should help a lot. Identifying your potential customers and the needs of your existing customers, and then designing your catalogue around those ideas can make it a major hit.

With a 12-page or 70-page catalogue lying around at home, which has the list of products they need, it is hard to not get an order or a phone call. Keeping the same design for too long can deter customers away as well. Coming up with fresh ideas and looks for your company catalogue will create a sense of anticipation in your mailing list. Each time your catalogue arrives in the mailbox, the recipients will be on tenterhooks to find out what you have done with your newest catalogue.

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Quality Print is The Way to Go

Your product or service catalogue is an extension of your business. So it pays to design and print it in the best way possible. Even if you do not go for the most expensive glossy prints, the end product should ooze professionalism and quality. With online printing companies such as onlineprinters, getting the ideal catalogue printed with savings was never easier. Even for bigger catalogues, the ingenious staple binding makes sure the catalogues open flat gives readers the best view of all content and images.

A company catalogue is just one of the traditional marketing tools to get the word out about your products and services out as it entices customers into trying out new exciting products. A little bit of thought and focus towards quality catalogues can immediately create a buzz for your business and boost the turnover.

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