Pola Soal Report Text Opsi Ganda Dan Jawaban

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Pola Soal Report Text Opsi Ganda Dan Jawaban

a. Sea-living mammals

b. The description of mammals

c. The difference between whales and fish

d. Whales

Jawaban : D

10. The length of a whale is……..

a. Is generally more than 30 meter

b. May be more than 30 meter

c. Is less than 30 meter

d. Ranges from 30 meter to more than 30 meter

Jawaban : B

11 – 20 Contoh Soal Report Text Pilihan Ganda dan Jawaban 

11. Sentence 1………….

a. Tells an orientation

b. Poses a thesis

c. Shows an abstract

d. Gives a general classification

Jawaban : D

12. What type of text is used by the writer?

a. Narrative

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b. Report

c. Recount

d. News items

Jawaban : B

13. To tell the factual information, the writer uses…….

a. Passive voice

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